Global warming in an unequal world: a case for environmental colonialism (S. Narain and A. Agarwal).

Author(s) Anil Agarwal and Sunita Narain Keywords Carbon dioxide; China; India; developing countries; greenhouse gases (GHGs); climate change; human rights; ‘luxury emissions’; ‘subsistence emissions’; ‘survival emissions’. Abstract The idea that developing countries like India and China must share the blame for heating up the earth and destablising its climate, as espoused in a recent study published […]

Subsistence emissions and luxury emissions (H. Shue).

Author Henry Shue Keywords ‘Luxury emissions’; ‘subsistence emissions’; ‘survival emissions’; climate change; greenhouse gases (GHGs); global warming; human rights. Abstract In order to decide whether a comprehensive treaty covering all greenhouse gases is the best next step after UNCED, one needs to distinguish among the four questions about the international justice of such international arrangements: […]