A Moral Imperative: The Human Rights Implications of Climate Change (S. C. Aminzadeh)

Author Sara C. Aminzadeh Keywords climate change, environment, human rights, social rights, food security, public health, livelihoods Abstract Climate change is increasingly identified as one of the major crises facing the international community in the 21st century. Even conservative forecasts predict dramatic effects to environments, economies, and people around the world. Although climate change is already […]

Climate Change and Human Rights: A Rough Guide (International Council on Human Rights Policy)

Author International Council on Human Rights Policy Keywords Human rights, climate change, mass migration, food, water, disease, shelter, land, cultures, livelihoods Abstract What are the human rights implications of climate change? From new health risks, such as the increased incidence of malaria, to mass migration, to threatened food and water supplies, to the disappearance of […]

A Property Rights Approach to Understanding Human Displacement from Protected Areas: the Case of Marine Protected Areas

Author(s) Michael B. Mascia C. Anne Claus Keywords Local peoples, protected areas, social impacts, fisherfolk, livelihoods, marine reserves, national parks Abstract The physical, economic, and sociocultural displacement of local peoples from protected areas generates intense discussion among scholars and policy makers. To foster greater precision and clarity in these discussions, we used a conceptual framework […]

Integration of smallholder wetland aquaculture–agriculture systems (fingerponds) into riparian farming systems on the shores of Lake Victoria, Kenya: socio-economics and livelihoods

Author(s) J Kipkemboi A.A. Van Dam M.M. Ikiara P. Denny Keywords Kenya, wetlands, integrated aquaculture production, socio-economic analysis, livelihoods, food security, fingerponds Abstract This paper presents the results of experimental fingerponds: an integrated flood recession aquaculture–agriculture production system in the Lake Victoria wetlands in Kenya. The overall aim of the study is to assess the […]

Water and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding (E. Weinthal, et al)

Editor(s) Erika Weinthal, Jessica Troell, and Mikiyasu Nakayama Keywords Water, Livelihoods, Economic Reconstruction and Recovery, Political Ecology, Water Resource Management, Agricultural Productivity, Flood Control, Peace Processes, Confidence Building, Transboundary Cooperation, Peace and Dialogue, Riparian Stakeholders, Water Security and Scarcity, Transnational Cooperation, Refugee Rehabilitation, Policy, Institutional Aspects, Water ServicesCommunity Water Resource Management, The Right to Water […]