Dangerous Intersections: Feminism, Population and Environment (J. Silliman & Y. King)

Editor(s) Jael Silliman and Ynestra King Keywords Population explosion, environmental degradation, economic development Abstract Dangerous Intersections provides a multicultural and international perspective on three major global problems: environmental degradation, economic development and the population ‘explosion‘. It presents crucial alternative voices and approaches to the short-sighted policies supported by the mainstream and NGOs alike – policies […]

Reflections on an Environmental Struggle (O. Perez)

Author Oren Perez (Bar Ilan University, Isarael) Keywords International environmental law, regulation of Multinational Enterprises, India, legal theory, environmental groups, social theory, nature of law as a social system, environmental protection in developing countries Abstract This article tells the story of an environmental struggle, which took place in Dahanu, India in the late 1990s. The […]

Bringing Together Labor Standards, Environment, & Human Rights (M.J. Smith & P. Pangsapa)

Author(s) Mark J. Smith and Piya Pangsapa Keywords Environment, global society, politics, gender, corporations, environmental movements Abstract As writers, campaigners and academics, Pangsapa and Smith seek to explore how ideas can make a difference in politics, gender, global society and the environment. With a focus on the politics behind social responsibility, this book separates itself […]