Ecosystem Services and Human Well-being in a Globalized World… (J. Razzaque and E. Blanco)

Author Jona Razzaque and Elena Blanco Keywords Ecosystem services, human well-being, globalization, market-based instruments Abstract There is no denying the close linkage between ecosystem services and human well-being. Human well-being is dependent on the sustainable management of ecosystem services. With economic globalization and free trade, there is an increasing demand for these services. Yet, poverty, […]

Climate change & unresolved issues in WTO law (B.J. Condon)

Author Bradly J. Condon Keywords Environment ; Climate change; Industrial processes; International environmental law; International trade; Subsidies Abstract Examines some unresolved issues of World Trade Organisation (WTO) law that may affect the WTO-consistency of measures adopted to address climate change, including: (1) the treatment of environmental subsidies under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade […]

Multilevel Governance of Global Environmental Change (G. Winter)

Editor Gerd Winter (Universität Bremen) Keywords Earth System Analysis, global climate change, global environmental change, global environmental governance, green civil society, self-regulation, industry, law, private authority, global governance, transnational corporations, international environmental law, transboundary corporate responsibility, USA, transnational bureaucracy networks, EU, post-Communist states, multilateral environmental agreements, compliance continuum, regulatory competition, developing countries, policy instrument innovation, […]

Sustaining the Environmental Rights of Children: An Exploratory Critique (K.E. MacDonald)

Author Karen E. MacDonald Keywords Law, environment,humanrights, children, sustainable development, poverty reduction, declaration, convention Abstract This article suggests that the interpretation and implementation of humanrights as environmental humanrights should explicitly consider children as the holders, recipients or beneficiaries of environmental rights and explores the means and reasons for doing so. The article presents a brief […]

New laws on protecting animals used in scientific experiments (Report)

Keywords Animal welfare; Animals; Cosmetics; EU law; Ethics; Scientific research Abstract Reports on the proposed revision of Directive 86/609 on the protection of animals used for experimental and other scientific purposes. Outlines the key changes proposed, including those on the need to conduct an ethical evaluation, the widening of the scope of the Directive, minimum […]