Author Christopher Miller Keywords environmental rights, ecocentric, human rights,  law, litigation, wildlife Abstract Environmental Rights offers new perspectives on contemporary debates over rights and environmental issues, criticising the traditional ecocentric formulation and the view that it is meaningful to speak of environmental rights as a sub-set of human rights, infringed when individuals experience an environmental […]

The Global Environment and International Law (J.F.C. DiMento)

Author Joseph F.C. DiMento Keywords Law, international environmental law, international attention, environmental challenges Abstract International law has become the key arena for protecting the global environment. Since the 1970s, literally hundreds of international treaties, protocols, conventions, and rules under customary law have been enacted to deal with such problems as global warming, biodiversity loss, and […]

Citizen Participation in the Environmental Impact Assessment Process in Guyana : Reality or Fallacy? (M.L. Bynoe)

Author Mark Lancelot Bynoe Keywords Assessment, citizen, development, environmental, Guyana, impact, law, participation, permit, plan Abstract Since June 1996, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) have become mandatory in Guyana for all projects anticipated to have significant impacts on the environment. Furthermore, the law, i.e. the Environmental Protection Act, that brought this stipulation into being also identifies […]

Creative regulation: how wild law can rehabilitate governance and regulation (E. Rivers)

Author Elizabeth Rivers Keywords Regulation; governance; wild law; ‘Great Jurisprudence’; sustainability; social justice. Abstract This article highlights that it is important to consider the law’s potential contribution to achieving sustainability rather than focusing on the traditional method of campaigning solely for changes in economic activities and human behaviour and attitudes. Rivers suggests ‘rethinking our jurisprudence’ […]

Return to the Sources: Revival of Traditional Nomad’s Rights to Common Property… (H-W. Wabnitz)

Author Hans-Werner Wabnitz Keywords Herders, economic importance, Mauritania , law, traditional rules, Islamic law (Sharia), livestock, neglect, international donors, African donors Abstract Despite their economic importance, herders are generally neglected both by the governments of African countries and international donors. During the 1990s, nomadic livestock raising accounted for 75 percent of Mauritania ‘s agricultural output, […]