On Fragile Architecture …UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in the context of human rights (K. Engle)

Author Karen Engle Keywords Cultural property; Customary rights in land; Human rights; Indigenous peoples; International law; Self-determination Abstract Compares the development of the international law regimes on human and indigenous peoples’ rights. Comments on how the human rights paradigm has influenced the collective rights protections of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 2007. […]

Property and Liberty (E.T. Freyfogle)

Author Eric T. Freyfogle Keywords Private property, complex, land-use conflicts, common good, liberty Abstract Private propertyandliberty, particularly in the case of privately owned land, are intertwined more complexly than we commonly realize. When we study how private property operates in daily life, looking at the full array of land-use conflicts, what we see is that […]

Interest Group Competition and the Alaska Native Land Claims… (J.R. Boyce and M.A.N. Nilsson)

Author(s) John R. Boyce and Mats A.N. Nilson Keywords Competition, Native land claims, development interests, oil companies, Alaska , environmentalists, Department of Interior, voting, conservation, clear objectives, Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Abstract This article examines the competition among three main sets of interest groups during the struggle to resolve the Native land claims issue: […]

Biofuels, Land Grabbing and Food Security in Africa (P.B. Matondi, et al)

Editor(s) Prosper B. Matondi, Kjell Havnevik and Atakilte Beyene Keywords Biofuels, Food Security, Land Outsourcing, Land Rights, Livelihoods Justice, Internationalization, Energy, Peak Oil, Bio-fuel, Industrialized Nations, Resource Rights, Foreign Direct Investment, Africa, Smallholder-Led Transformation, Ethiopia, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Tanzania, Political Economy Crisis, Zimbabwe, Jatropha Production, Northern Ghana, Social Inclusion, Bio-diesel Policy, Brazil, Brazilian […]

… Integrating Kuleana Rights and Land Trust Priorities in Hawaii (J.B. Garovoy)

Author Jocelyn B. Garovoy Keywords Hawaii , conservation, land trusts, complex challenges, Kuleana lands, native Hawaiian tenant farmers, land rights Abstract For Hawaii -based conservation land trusts , kuleana lands present both unique opportunities and complex challenges to land conservation efforts. Kuleana lands are those parcels granted to native Hawaiian tenant farmers between 1850 and […]