Environmental change and out-migration: evidence from Nepal (D.S. Massey, et al)

Author(s) Douglas S. Massey, William G. Axinn and Dirgha J. Ghimire Keywords Environment, Population, Migration, Land cover, Agricultural productivity Abstract Scholars and activists have hypothesized a connection between environmental change and out-migration. In this paper, we test this hypothesis using data from Nepal. We operationalize environmental change in terms of declining land cover, rising times […]

The population, agriculture, and environment nexus in Latin America (D.L. Carr, et al)

Author(s) David L. Carr (UC Santa Barbara) Anna Carla Lopez (UC Santa Barbara) Richard E. Bilsborrow (University of North Carolina) Keywords Population, Environment, Latin America, Migration, Land use, Land cover, LUCC, Demography, Deforestation, Agriculture Abstract Unprecedented population growth and migration accompanied equally unprecedented land use and land cover change in Latin America during the latter […]

Population and pavement: population growth and land development (D.E. Orenstein & S.P. Hamburg)

Author(s) Daniel E. Orenstein (Israel Institute of Technology, Israel) Steven P. Hamburg (Brown University, USA) Keywords Land use/land cover change, Urbanization, Open space preservation, Population growth, Land use policy, Israel Abstract This research examines land use change in Israel––an intriguing but understudied setting with regard to population–environment dynamics. While Israel is fairly unique with regard […]