Mobile phone base stations and precautionary principle in the light of a civil court’s … (N.Turgut)

Author Nukhet Yilmaz Turgut. Keywords Electromagnetic fields; environmental law; environment; mobile telephones; precautionary principle; public health; telecommunications masts; Turkey. Abstract Explores the application of the precautionary principle by legislators and public administrators responding to public health concerns arising out of the siting of mobile telephone masts. Notes the lack of consensus on the dangers of […]

Judicial contributions to sustainable development in developing countries: an overview (K Ebeku)

Author Kaniye SA Ebeku Keywords Sustainable development; environmental protection; Rio Declaration; UNCSD; constitutional and statutory provisions; developing countries; judicial interpretation. Abstract The authors aim is to provide an overview of the judicial contributions and sustenance of sustainable development in various third world countries. The article includes relevant national constitutional and statutory provisions the courts are […]