The Right to be Cold: Global Warming and Human Rights (M. Wagner)

Author(s) Martin Wagner Keywords Climate Change, Human Rights, Indigenous People, Inuit, The Right to Be Cold, Cultural Rights Excerpt The relationship between global warming and human rights is something that is beginning to be talked about now, but six or seven years ago no-one had made the connection.  I am going to explore the relationship […]

Getting over the Hump: Establishing A Right to Environmental Protection for Indigenous Peoples in the Inter-American Human Rights System (T. Thompson)

Author Travis Thompson Keywords Human Rights, International Law, Human Right to a Healthy Environment, Environmental Protection, Inter-American Human Rights System, Indigenous People, Inuit Excerpt Introduction Climate change is threatening the traditional way of life for indigenous peoples and the Inter-American Human Rights System  declines to combat this growing problem by refusing to acknowledge a right […]

Human Rights Violations and Climate Change: The Last Days of the Inuit People? (S. Nuffer)

Author Sarah Nuffer Keywords human rights violations, climate change, Inuit, Arctic, vulnerability, responsibility, future generations, United Nations, native groups, indigenous people Excerpt INTRODUCTION The climate is changing. There is little debate left with regard to this statement. However, the world is still grappling with what exactly this change means. The Secretary General of the United […]

Inuit Perceptions on the Adaptability of Land Claims Agreements to Accommodate Environmental Change (Konstantia Koutouki and Natasha Lyons)

Author(s) Konstantia Koutouki and Natasha Lyons Keywords Climate change, adaptation, land claims, Inuit Abstract Integrating case studies, the legal and anthropological perspectives of the authors, and the expertise of Inuit collaborators from three Arctic regions, this paper provides a broad perspective on how the Inuit perceive the relationship between climate change adaptation and land claims […]

Beyond Dialectics of Climate Change & Indigenous Peoples’ Rights (H.M. Osofsky)

Author Hari M. Osofsky Keywords Climate change, Inuit peoples Abstract This symposium essay will focus on these questions by exploring the intersectional nature of the Inuit petition. The piece will break apart the petition to uncover the relational dynamics imbedded in it. In particular, this essay will rely upon two conceptual approaches to dissect the […]