Recalibrating The Law of Humans with The Laws of Nature (T. Bach & B.H. Weston)

Author(s) Tracy Bach (Vermont Law School, USA) Burns H. Weston (University of Iowa, USA) Keywords Climate change, intergenerational justice, intergenerational equity, climate policy, international law, international environmental law, Edith Brown Weiss, conservation of options, conservation of quality, conservation of access, sustainable law, carbon-constrained world Abstract In ‘Recalibrating the Law of Humans with the Laws of […]

Problems of Equity and Efficiency in the Design of International Greenhouse…(J.S. Johnston)

Author Jason Scott Johnston (University of Virginia , USA) Keywords International environmental law, climate change, pollution policy, greenhouse gases (GHG), emission permits and trading, binding caps, assumptions, tradeoff between efficiency and equity, income redistribution Abstract This article argues that international greenhouse gas (GHG) cap-and-trade schemes suffer from inherent problems of enforceability and verifiability that both […]

Do human rights help or hinder environmental protection? (C. Gearty)

Author Conor Gearty (LSE, UK) Keywords human rights, environmental protection, social movements, civil and political rights, economic and social rights Abstract It is acknowledged that traditional approaches to human rights can have and have had a negative impact in the field of environmental protection. But the emphasis in human rights on controlling the abuse of […]

The Human Dimension of International Law: selected papers (Antonio Cassese).

Author Antonio Cassese (edited by Paola Gaetaand Salvatore Zappalà). Keywords International law, human rights, environmental protection, criminal injustice. Abstract This is a selection of papers. Christian Tomuschat and Francesco Francioni discuss the relevance of the international law of human rights to two other branches of public international law: international humanitarian law and international environmental law, […]

Forests, climate change and human rights: managing risks and trade-offs (F. Seymour)

Author Frances Seymour Keywords Tropical deforestation, international agenda, human rights, climate change, forest governance, mitigation of forest-based emissions, procedural rights, Aarhus Convention, justice and equity, risks, trade-offs Abstract Following the decline over the years of interest relating to tropical deforestation, that was highlighted at the Rio Conference in 1992 (UNCEC), in recent years it has […]