Gandhi’s Nightmare: Bhopal and the Need for a Mindful Jurisprudence (N. A. Patel, K. Petlakh)

Authors Nehal A. Patel and Ksenia Petlakh Keywords mindful, legal theory, non-western, Gandhi, jurisprudence, transnational, international, human rights, environment, corporation, industrial Abstract For decades, activists and academics have been lamenting the disparate impact of global environmental decay on populations less endowed with legal resources. However, the implicit biases of legal theory itself remain unchallenged even […]

A Substantive Environmental Right: An Examination of the Legal… (S. Turner)

Author Stephen Turner Keywords Global awareness, environmental degradation, environmental obligations, environmental rights, human right, clean and healthy environment, Environmental Rights, National, International, State Actor, Companies, Multinational Enterprises, Multilateral Development Banks, WTO Abstract Acute global awareness of environmental degradation seems at last to have created a consensus that environmental obligations should be imposed on decision-makers, whether […]

Rethinking Macroeconomics for Sustainability (A. Nadal)

Author Alejandro Nadal Keywords Macroeconomics, Environment, Policy Connection, Climate Change, Green Economy Initiative, Latin American Focus, Sustainability, Reform Abstract Macroeconomic policies have devastating effects on the environment. They shape the economic processes that drive deforestation, soil erosion, the exhaustion of living marine resources, greenhouse gas emissions, and the massive loss of biodiversity. Despite this, the […]

Using the Multi-Layered Nature of International Emissions Trading… (B.M. Frischmann)

Author Brett M. Frischmann ( Cardozo School of Law, USA ) Keywords Monitoring and enforcement regime, emissions trading, domestic emissions limitations, regulation, UNFCCC, Kyoto Protocol, buyer-liability, citizen-State arbitration mechanism Abstract This article designs an enforcement regime that maintains the integrity of the international emissions trading system in the face of significant political and economic incentives […]

Climate Change Justice (E. Posner and C. Sunstein)

Authors Eric A. Posner and Cass R. Sunstein Keywords Climate change; GHG reductions; adaptation; vulnerability. Abstract Greenhouse gas reductions would cost some nations much more than others, and benefit some nations far less than others. Significant reductions would impose especially large costs on the United States, and recent projections suggest that the United States has […]