Challenges ahead in international economic law (T. Cottier)

Author Thomas Cottier Keywords Economic conditions, international economic law, international trade, human rights, environmental law. Abstract Examines key challenges facing international economic law as a result of the global financial crisis. Discusses: (1) the relationship between international economic law and economics; (2) the horizontal problems of fragmentation and functionalism of international organisations and different regulatory fields […]

Institutionalizing Inequality: The WTO Agreement on Agriculture, Food Security… (C.G. Gonzalez)

Author Carmen G. Gonzalez (Seattle University, USA) Keywords International trade, WTO, food security, development law, human rights law, agricultural law, agricultural policy Abstract The article examines the food security implications of the WTO Agreement on Agriculture. It places the Agreement in historical context, examines its key provisions, and argues that the Agreement systematically favors industrialized […]

Beyond Eco-Imperialism: An Environmental Justice Critique of Free Trade (C.G. Gonzalez)

Author Carmen G. Gonzalez ( Seattle University , USA ) Keywords WTO, environmental justice, environmental law, international trade, development law Abstract The article contributes to the trade and environment literature by assessing the claim that industrialized country proposals to integrate environmental protection into the WTO trade regime constitute environmental imperialism – the imposition of industrialized […]

Consumer preferences and the national treatment principle …environmental regulations…(E.B. Lydgate)

Author Emily Barrett Lydgate Keywords Environment; Biofuels; Consumers; Environmental protection; International trade; Sustainability Abstract Considers, with reference to disputes involving the national treatment principle under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1994 art. III , whether consumer preferences for environmentally friendly products should justify emerging regulations. Citation (2011) 10(2) World Trade Review 165-188 Paper […]

A Global Green New Deal: Rethinking the Economic Recovery (E.B. Barbier)

Author Edward B. Barbier (University of Wyoming , USA ) Keywords Global Green New Deal, crisis, carbon dependency, ecological scarcity, developing economies, national priorities, international community, finance, trade incentives, international priorities, Greener World Economy Abstract Meeting the short run challenges of reviving the worldwide economy need not mean sacrificing long run economic and environmental sustainability. […]