The Right to Free, Prior and Informed Consent: Indigenous Peoples’ Participation Rights Within International Law (T. Ward)

Author(s) Tara Ward Keywords Indigenous Rights, United Nations, Human Rights, International Labour Organisation, Self-Determination Abstract The right of indigenous peoples to free, prior, and informed consent (FPIC) in relation to development, infrastructure, and resource extraction projects is currently being debated within international law. Particularly contentious is the question of whether the right to FPIC is […]

International Legal Protection for Victims of Environmental Abuse (M.L. Schwartz)

Author(s) Michelle Leighton Schwartz Keywords Human Rights, Right to life, Rights of indigenous peoples, procedural human rights, human right to a healthy environment, environmental refugees, desertification, flooding, international finance institutions, International Court of Justice, International Labour Organisation Excerpt Environmental disasters are increasing. They often result from human activities, such as the disposal of toxic chemicals, […]