A Proposal to Introduce the Right to a Healthy Environment into the European Convention Regime (B. van Dyke)

Author(s) Brennan van Dyke Keywords right to a healthy environment, human rights, European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, traditional vs emerging conceptions of environmental rights, international human rights, justiciability Abstract “INTRODUCTION The notion that human beings have a right to a healthy environment is far more controversial in Europe than […]

Making Treaties Work: Human Rights, Environment and Arms Control (G. Ulfstein et al)

Editors Publication edited by Geir Ulfstein, Thilo Marauhn and Andreas Zimmerman Thilo. Keywords International environmental law, international human rights, international arms control, procedure, Aarhus Convention, complexity Abstract There is an increasing focus on the need for national implementation of treaties. International law has traditionally left enforcement to the individual parties, but more and more treaties […]