Climate Change Justice: The Challenge for Global Governance (B. Ackerly and M.P. Vandenbergh)

Author(s) Brooke A. Ackerly (Vanderbilt University) Michael P. Vandenbergh (Vanderbilt University) Keywords Climate change, justice, equity, global private governance, global public governance, international law Abstract Private equity offsets are a partial solution to the difficult justice issues raised on the global level by climate change. Equity offsets allow individuals to follow their moral intuitions about […]

The European Convention on Human Rights and Environmental Nuisances (S. Praduroux)

Author Sabrina Praduroux. Keywords Environmental policy; nuisance; peaceful enjoyment of possessions; pollution; proportionality; right to fair trial; right to respect for home. Abstract Examines whether environmental nuisances can infringe humanrights, particularly the right to respect for one’s home under the European Convention on HumanRights 1950 art.8 and the right to peaceful enjoyment of possessions under […]

Integrating Environmental Values into the ECHR (R. Desgagné)

Author Richard Desgagné Keywords Environmental aspects, human rights perspectives, case law, environmental protection, European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms Abstract Environmental protection can best be pursued through procedural rights rather than through substantive human rights under the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. The approach […]

The Human Dimension of International Law: selected papers (Antonio Cassese).

Author Antonio Cassese (edited by Paola Gaetaand Salvatore Zappalà). Keywords International law, human rights, environmental protection, criminal injustice. Abstract This is a selection of papers. Christian Tomuschat and Francesco Francioni discuss the relevance of the international law of human rights to two other branches of public international law: international humanitarian law and international environmental law, […]