Maori Cultural Rights in Aotearoa New Zealand: Protecting the Cosmology that Protects the Environment (C. J. I. Magallanes)

Author(s) Catherine J. Iorns Magallanes Keywords environment, indigenous, Maori, Waitangi, personality, Waikato, Whanganui, Te Urewera, reparations, human rights Abstract This paper first addresses indigenous beliefs about humans’ relationship with nature and thus their place in the world, and how the indigenous cosmology contrasts with the dominant and prevailing Western and liberal ideas. The paper next […]

Human Rights and the Environment: Conflicts and Norms in a Globalizing World (L. Zarsky)

Editor Lyuba Zarsky Keywords Human Rights, Environmental Ethics, Rights of Indigenous Peoples, International Law, Global Reach, Corporate Accountability, Conflict, Mineral, Oil, Gas, Development, Mining, Suriname, Multinationals, Ghana, Sakhalin Island, Russian Far East, Trade Liberalization, Batam Island, Indonesia, Global Norms, Local compliance, Laos, The Darien Region, China, Foreign Waste Dumping, Land Rights, Bushbuckridge, South Africa, Ecological […]

Social Participation in Water Governance and Management (K.A. Berry and E. Mollard)

Editor(s) Kate A. Berry and Eric Mollard Keywords Water management and governance, social participation, indigenous, stakeholder, gender, politics, sustainability Abstract Social participation in water management and governance recently became a reality in many economies and societies. Yet the dimensions in which power regulation, social equity and democracy-building are connected with participation have been only tangentially […]

Globalization, Communities and Human Rights: Community-Based Property Rights … (D.B. Magraw and L. Baker)

Author(s) Daniel Barstow Magraw and Lauren Baker Keywords Human rights, vulnerable communities, Community-Based Property Rights, Prior Informed Consent, indigenous, local, natural resources Abstract This article addresses two related human rights norms that are emerging to counteract pressures being placed on vulnerable communities . The first of these is Community-Based Property Rights , which relate to […]