Interest Group Competition & the Alaska Native Land Claims… (J.R. Boyce & M.A.N. Nilsson)

Author(s) John R. Boyce and Mats A.N. Nilson Keywords Competition, Native land claims, development interests, oil companies, Alaska , environmentalists, Department of Interior, voting, conservation, clear objectives, Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Abstract This article examines the competition among three main sets of interest groups during the struggle to resolve the Native land claims issue: […]

Beyond Dialectics of Climate Change & Indigenous Peoples’ Rights (H.M. Osofsky)

Author Hari M. Osofsky Keywords Climate change, Inuit peoples Abstract This symposium essay will focus on these questions by exploring the intersectional nature of the Inuit petition. The piece will break apart the petition to uncover the relational dynamics imbedded in it. In particular, this essay will rely upon two conceptual approaches to dissect the […]