The Global Compact, Environmental Principles, and Change in International Environmental Politics (A. Akhtarkhavari)

Author Afshin Akhtarkhavari ( Griffith Law School ) Keywords Environmental principles, role, function, international level, change, impact, Global Compact, international law and politics Abstract Unlike rules, international lawyers commonly ignore the potential that environmental principles have to create change in international law and politics. Transnational actors do not easily conform to abstract and open-textured environmental […]

Citizen Participation in the Environmental Impact Assessment Process in Guyana : Reality or Fallacy? (M.L. Bynoe)

Author Mark Lancelot Bynoe Keywords Assessment, citizen, development, environmental, Guyana, impact, law, participation, permit, plan Abstract Since June 1996, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) have become mandatory in Guyana for all projects anticipated to have significant impacts on the environment. Furthermore, the law, i.e. the Environmental Protection Act, that brought this stipulation into being also identifies […]

Unmasking Chinese Business Enterprises: Using Information Disclosure Laws to Enhance Public Participation …(T. Riley and C. Huiyan)

Author(s) Timothy Riley and Cai Huiyan Keywords China, access to environmental information, corporate disclosure, Chinese businesses, government decisions, corporate decisions, public participation, impact, local communities, ecosystems Abstract This article argues that the existing state of corporate disclosure law and regulations in China is insufficient to allow the Chinese public adequate access to environmental information. As […]

In Pursuit of Environmental Human Rights: Commentary on the Draft Declaration… (N.A.F. Popovic)

Author Neil A.F. Popovic Keywords Environmental human rights, quality of life, impact, environment, human consequences, environmental degradation, human society, natural environment Abstract When the environment suffers, people suffer; when the suffering implicates human rights, relevant norms and procedures should apply. This, in turn, raises the question of what the relevant norms and procedures are and […]