Human rights: EC law – legality of fox-hunting ban (N. McKay & S. Foster)

Author(s) Nikki McKay and Steve Foster Keywords Human rights, Animals, European Union, EC law, Free movement of goods, Freedom of association, Freedom to provide services, Hunting, Necessary in democratic society, Peaceful enjoyment of possessions, Right to respect for private and family life Abstract Examines the House of Lords decision in R. (on the application of Countryside Alliance) […]

Hunting not comparable to religious belief and hunters not an ethnic group (H.L. MacQueen, et al)

Author(s) Hector L. MacQueen and Scott Wortley Keywords Human rights, Freedom of expression, Freedom of thought conscience and religion, Hunting, Right to respect for private and family life, Scotland Abstract  Comments on the House of Lords ruling in Friend v Lord Advocate on whether the restrictions on hunting in the Protection of Wild Mammals ( Scotland ) […]

Conservation clash and the case for exemptions: how eagle protection conflicts with Hopi cultural preservation (S. Fenstemaker)

Author Sarah Fenstemaker Keywords Arts and culture, Environment, Birds, Environmental protection, Hunting, Indigenous peoples, Religions, Traditional knowledge Abstract Discusses the impact of US Fish and Wildlife Service proposals to end the granting of religious exemptions to the ban on the hunting of certain migratory birds on the Hopi tribe, which uses golden eagles and their […]

Limitations of European Union policy and law for regulating use of lead shot and sinkers: comparisons with North American regulation (V.G. Thomas and R. Guitart)

Author(s) Vernon G. Thomas Raimon Guitart Keywords Animal, Environment, Birds, Canada, Conservation, EU Law, Hunting, Lead poisoning, United States Abstract Summarises the efforts of EU Member States to restrict the use in hunting of lead shot and sinkers, known to be toxic to wild birds, and compares policy and regulation in the US and Canada. […]

Traditional hunting: Cultural rights v animal welfare (D. Thiriet)

Author Dominique Thiriet Keywords Australia , Indigenous hunting practices, animal protection legislation Abstract This article examines how the cruelty inherent in some Indigenous hunting practices is inconsistently treated under Australian animal protection legislation. The author considers the discrimination issues raised by such inconsistencies and the legitimacy of State intervention to resolve the conflicts between cultural […]