Water Privatization Trends in the United States: Human Rights, National Security, and Public Stewardship (C.A. Arnold)

Author Craig Anthony Arnold Keywords Water, privatization, property, commodification, watersheds, human rights, national security, public rights, stewardship, fiduciary, public utilities, sustainability, environment, ecology, equity, public trust, state ownership, usufructuary, conservation Abstract This article examines 3 aspects of water privatization in the United States: 1) the privatization of public water services and systems; 2) the dominance […]

Legal Frameworks to Support Community-Based Natural Resource Management (E. Techera)

Author Erika Techera Keywords Environmental law, customary law, sustainable development, environmental justice, community based natural resource management, human rights, indigenous rights, sustainable livelihoods. Abstract In recent decades there has been a shift in attitude in relation to natural resource management. Whereas in the past positivist legal approaches have been taken to environmental regulation, increasingly attention […]

Sustaining the Environmental Rights of Children: An Exploratory Critique (K.E. MacDonald)

Author Karen E. MacDonald Keywords Law, environment,humanrights, children, sustainable development, poverty reduction, declaration, convention Abstract This article suggests that the interpretation and implementation of humanrights as environmental humanrights should explicitly consider children as the holders, recipients or beneficiaries of environmental rights and explores the means and reasons for doing so. The article presents a brief […]