The Need for an Interdisciplinary Approach to Norm Diffusion: The Case of Fair and Equitable Benefit-sharing (L. Parks and E. Morgera)

Authors Louisa Parks and Elisa Morgera Keywords benefit-sharing, international law, environmental law, human rights law, human rights, oceans law, regulation, national law, regional law, indigenous peoples, local communities, norm diffusion, scholarship, conservation, sustainability, natural resources, power asymmetry Abstract No systematic study discusses the evolution of fair and equitable benefit-sharing across various areas of international law […]

Human Rights and the Environment: The Need for International Co-operation (W. Gormley)

Author(s) W. Paul Gormley Keywords human right to decent and safe environment, legal obligations, international community, human rights norms Abstract None available Citation (1976) Sijthoff Paper Human Rights and the Environment: The Need for International Co-operation

Climate Change and human Rights: Amicable or Arrested Development? (O. W. Pedersen)

Author(s) Ole W. Pedersen Keywords Human Rights Law, Climate Change, Domestic Law, International Law Abstract This article considers the attention which is increasingly afforded to human rights norms in the attempt to highlight the challenges facing humankind as a result of climate change. It analyses the links between legal responses to climate change and human […]

Avoiding Adaptation Apartheid: Climate Change Adaptation and Human Rights Law (M. J. Hall and D. C. Weiss)

Author(s) Margaux J. Hall and David C. Weiss Keywords developing countries, United Nations, global warming, impacts of climate change, poverty, adaptation, climate consequences, human rights law, culpability Abstract There is now little doubt that humans will be forced to adapt to the impacts of a warming world. There is also little doubt that the poorest […]

The Right to a Healthy Environment, Human Rights and Sustainable Development (S. Giorgetta)

Author(s) Sueli Giorgetta Keywords sustainable development, environmental preservation, rights of present and future generations, human rights, right to a healthy environment, international law, procedural rights, public participation, human rights law, international law Abstract The concept of sustainable development is presented as a solution able to cope with development needs and the preservation of the environment, […]