WEBINAR: Human Rights Strategies in Climate Change Litigation – A Latin-American Perspective

GNHRE is delighted to present the third in our series of global Webinars on Human Rights Strategies in Climate Change Litigation. Following events on global climate litigation and climate litigation in Southeast Asia, the 5 August Webinar brings us to Latin America, where regional and international experts will share insights from practice, policy, and scholarly perspectives.  The failure of […]

A Greener Revolution: Using the Right to Food As a Political Weapon Against Climate Change (G. F. Dumas)

Author(s) Graham Frederick Dumas Keywords Right to Food, Economic and Social Rights, Climate Change, Human Rights and Climate Change Abstract This paper discusses the use of human rights, specifically the right to food, as tools for political leverage to encourage states to act on climate change. The right to food is especially appropriate because of […]

Diego Garcia: British-American legal black hole in the Indian Ocean (P.H. Sand)

Author Peter H Sand Keywords Chagos Islands; climate change; environmental protection; human rights; international environmental law; pollution; state responsibility; Great Britain (BIOT); United States. Abstract Reflects on how the use of a legal “black hole” strategy by the UK and US Governments has permitted them to avoid accountability for environmental risks arising from US military […]

Climate Change and Human Rights: Unpacking the Issues (D. Bodansky)

Author Daniel Bodansky Keywords Global warming, human right, climate change Abstract This symposium issue of the Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law represents an important contribution to the emerging scholarship on climate change and humanrights, with articles by leading experts from around the country. Keynote speaker Professor Thomas Pogge, a professor of philosophy and […]

Human Rights and Climate Change: Constructing a Case for Political Action (M. Limon)

Author Marc Limon Keywords Climate change, human rights, United Nations Human Rights Council, global climate change responses Abstract This Article will look at the implications of United Nations Human Rights Council’s Resolution 7/23 on human rights and climate change, particularly in relation to global climate change responses. The Article will argue that the application of […]