The Human Right to Water (M. Fitzmaurice)

Author(s) Malgosia Fitzmaurice Keywords human right to a clean environment, human right to water, implementation, legal status Abstract In the context of the contentious issue surrounding the legal status and implementation of the general human right to a clean environment, the human right to water is probably the most disputed. Much has been written about […]

The Implications of Formulating a Human Right to Water (E.B. Bluemel)

Author Erik B. Bluemel Keywords Water, human right to water Abstract This Comment explores the content, legal forms, and implications of recognizing and international human right to water. The concept of water as a human right developed from the recognition that treating the right to water as an economic good may resulting an affordability problem […]

The human right to water and reform of the Irish water sector: Owen McIntyre

Author Owen McIntyre Keywords Human right to water, water sector reform, privatization of water services, constitutional rights, bodily integrity, dignity Abstract The austerity measures imposed upon Ireland under the terms of the 2009 EU/IMF financial bail-out package include the introduction of charging for domestic water and sanitation services, which has led to the establishment of […]