Global Climate Change: Can Human Rights (and Human Beings) Survive this Onslaught? (S. Atapattu)

Author(s) Sumudu Atapattu Keywords global climate change, consequences, environmental protection, human health, human rights, international law, mitigation, adaptation Abstract The fact that global climate change is occurring is no longer seriously debated; rather, the discussion now focuses on the range and severity of its consequences. These consequences extend beyond harm to the natural environment and […]

Developing a Sustainable Hardrock Mining and Mineral Processing Industry: Environmental and Natural Resource Law for Twenty-First Century People, Prosperity, and the Planet (J. Kloeckner)

Author Jane Kloeckner Keywords Mining, sustainable development, human health, environmental protection, global prosperity, sustainable mining Abstract Major regulatory reforms and a few statutory changes are necessary to control pollution from active and inactive hardrockmining and mineral processing operations and abandoned mine lands. Parts I, II, and III discuss reforms to RCRA, the CWA, and CERCLA, […]

Life history trade-offs in human growth: Adaptation or pathology? (B. Bogin et al)

Author(s) Barry Bogin, Maria Inês Varela Silva, Luis Rios Keywords Human health, undeveloped countries, poverty, disease, developmental programming (DP), predictive adaptive response (PAR), human development, biological and cultural resources. Abstract Human beings growing-up in adverse biocultural environments, including undernutrition, exposure to infection, economic oppression/poverty, heavy workloads, high altitude, war, racism, and religious/ethnic oppression, may be […]

Prosperity without Growth: Economics for a Finite Planet (T. Jackson)

Author Tim Jackson Keywords Economic growth; prosperity and well-being; global population; sustainability; developed nations; environmental impact of economic activity Abstract * With a new Foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales * 10% of proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to rainforest protection. * Is more economic growth the solution? Will […]

Measuring corporate environmental justice performance ( M. Ash and J. Boyce)

Author(s) Michael Ash and James K. Boyce Keywords Corporate social responsibility; corporate environmental performance; environmental justice; air pollution; human health. Abstract Measures of corporate environmental justice performance can be a valuable tool in efforts to promote corporate social responsibility and to document systematic patterns of environmental injustice. This paper develops such a measure based on […]