Property unfit for human habitation – compulsory purchase order (Case Comment)

Keywords Housing;Human rights;Clearance orders; Compulsory purchase; Houses; Protection of property; Right to respect for private and family life Abstract Reports on the Administrative Court decision in R. (on the application of Baker) v First Secretary of State challenging a compulsory purchase order made in respect of a seriously fire damaged house in respect of which […]

Stormy Weather: The Challenge of Climate Change and Displacement. (D. Corlett)

Author David Corlett. Keywords IPCC; climate change; drought; flooding; famine; vulnerability; displacement; global warming; ‘climate refugees’; involuntary migration. Abstract Climate change is predicted to dislocate millions of people in regions already vulnerable to economic, political and environmental disruption. Already some communities, notably Pacific Islanders, are under direct threat of displacement due to climate-related factors. Stormy […]

Justiciability of Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights: Should There Be an International Complaints Mechanism to Adjudicate the Rights to Food, Water, Housing, and Health? (Michael J. Dennis and David P. Stewart)

Author(s) Michael J. Dennis and David P. Stewart Keywords Economic, social, culture, rights, human rights, food, water, housing, health Abstract This article aims to contribute to the task from several perspectives. First, we review the proposal and the views that have been presented by the Independent Expert and in the Working Group. We next examine […]