Climate Change Adaptation and the Structural Transformation of Environmental Law (J. B. Ruhl)

Author(s) J. B. Ruhl Keywords climate change, environmental law, greenhouse gas emissions, adaptation, mitigation, policy, pollution, land law, decision methods, regulation, conciliation Abstract The path of environmental law has come to a cliff called climate change, and there is no turning around. As climate change policy dialogue emerged in the 1990s, however, the perceived urgency […]

Climate Change, Human Rights, and Forced Migration: Implications for International Law (S. Atapattu)

Author(s) Sumudu Atapattu Keywords climate change, forced migration, human development, IPCC, greenhouse gas emissions, international law, human rights Introduction “Climate change has been identified as the “defining human development issue of our generation” and possibly the “biggest humanitarian and economic challenge that the developing world will have to face in the coming decades.” The Intergovernmental […]