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Beyond Smoke & Mirrors: Climate Change & Energy in the 21st Century (B. Richter)


Burton Richter ( Stanford University , USA )


Climate, Greenhouse Earth, Climate modeling, Future, Energy, Physicists, Economists; Energy, Emissions, Action, Fossil fuels, Electricity, Pricing carbon, Efficiency, Nuclear energy, Renewables, Biofuels, US policy, World policy


Global climate change is one of the most important issues humanity faces today. This book assesses the sensible, senseless and biased proposals for averting the potentially disastrous consequences of global warming, allowing the reader to draw their own conclusions on switching to more sustainable energy provision. Burton Richter is a Nobel Prize-winning scientist who has served on many US and international review committees on climate change and energy issues. He provides a concise overview of our knowledge and uncertainties within climate change science , discusses current energy demand and supply patterns, and the energy options available to cut emissions of greenhouse gases. Written in non-technical language, this book presents a balanced view of options for moving from our heavy reliance on fossil fuels into a much more sustainable energy system, and is accessible to a wide range of readers without scientific backgrounds – students, policymakers, and the concerned citizen.

• Dispels confusion about all the potential solutions for averting climate change impacts, presenting both the limitations and the promise of our energy production options • Assesses the good and bad proposals for moving from heavy use of fossil fuels to a more sustainable energy provision in the future • Written in an accessible language by a Nobel Prize-winning scientist


Burton Richter, Beyond Smoke and Mirrors: Climate Change and Energy in the 21st Century ( CUP , USA 2010)


Beyond Smoke and Mirrors: Climate Change and Energy in the 21st Century