The Intersection between Constitution, Human Rights and the Environment: The French Charter for the Environment and the New Ex Post Constitutional Control in France (D. Marrani)

Author David Marrani Keywords legal orders, French Constitution, environmental rights, human rights, French Constitutional Council, GMO, constitutional rights, green constitution Abstract There is a lot to be said about how environmental issues are reshaping the way we are living in the twenty-first century. Not only are those issues affecting the human race, but they are […]

Biomedical ethics: Muslim perspectives on genetic modification (F. Agha Al-Hayan)

Author Fatima Agha Al-Hayan Keywords Insan (person human); insaniyyah (humanism, humanity humaneness); genetic modification (GM); genetically modified foods (GMF); genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Abstract Technology pertaining to genetically modified foods has created an abundance of food and various methods to protect new products and enhance productivity. However, many scientists, economists, and humanitarians have been critical […]

Greater Flexibility Planned on GMOs (Anon)

Keywords Crops; EU law; Genetically modified organisms; Member States; Agriculture, European Union Abstract Explores the proposals made by the European Health Commissioner to increase the freedom of Member States to decide on the cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), focusing on the approvals mechanism for GM maize crops, the powers under Directive 2001/18 to impose […]

Feeding the world in the new millennium (J. Waterlow)

Author John Waterlow ( London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK) Keywords Agriculture; Crop yields; Genetically modified crops; Malnutrition Abstract Food production per head in the world as a whole has begun to level off in the last decade, while the world population continues to grow, risking malnutrition, perhaps even starvation, civil unrest and […]

GMO, regulation & free trade: a saga for our times (M. Stallworthy)

Author Mark Stallworthy Keywords Food; Environment; International trade; Science;EC law; Food safety; Genetically modified organisms; Precautionary principle; Risk management; United States Abstract Examines genetically modified food policies in the UK and EU focusing on the management of risk and the precautionary principle. Considers the likelihood of trade pressures from biotechnology companies and from the US […]