The Contribution of International Rights Law to Environmental Protection, with Special Reference to Global Change (A. A. Cançado Trindade)

Author(s) A.A. Cançado Trindade Keywords human rights, environmental protection, globalization, internationalization, temporal dimension, right to life, Ratio Legis, right to health, healthy environment, vulnerability, implementation, international refugee law Abstract I. The Growth of Human Rights Protection and Environmental Protection: From Internationalization to Globalization. II. The Incidence of the Temporal Dimension in Environmental Protection and in […]

Climate justice: the claim of the past (S.J. Humphreys)

Author Stephen. J. Humphreys Keywords Climate justice, rule of law, trade law, human rights, colonialism, globalization, Walter Benjamin Abstract This synthetic appraisal of the collection of papers in this issue argues that historical injustice saturates the problem of climate change. Those most vulnerable to climate change today are largely those who already lack resources – […]

The Urban Village: A Charter for Democracy and Local Self-Sustainable Development (A. Magnaghi)

Author Alberto Magnaghi Keywords Quality of life, environmental responsibility, sustainable development, communities, globalization Abstract People want a better quality of life now, genuine environmental responsibility, and local control over their own futures. The Urban Village is a seminal intellectual and practical contribution to the construction of such possibilities. It introduces new ideas, like territorial patrimony, […]

Environmental Governance (M.C. Lemos & A. Agrawal)

Author(s) Maria C. Lemos and Arun Agrawal Keywords Climate change, cogovernance, decentralization, ecosystem degradation, globalization, market Abstract This chapter reviews the literature relevant to environmental governance in four domains of scholarship: globalization, decentralization, market and individual incentives-based governance, and cross-scale governance. It argues that in view of the complexity and multiscalar character of many of […]