Global Governance of Food Production and Consumption (P. Oosterveer)

Author Peter Oosterveer (Wageningen University , The Netherlands ) Keywords Food, global, global food governance, regulation, consumer demand, environment, animal welfare, social justice, civil society Abstract The provision of food is undergoing radical transformations throughout the global community. Peter Oosterveer argues that, as a consequence, conventional national governmental regulations can no longer adequately respond to […]

Climate Change Justice: The Challenge for Global Governance (B. Ackerly and M.P. Vandenbergh)

Author(s) Brooke A. Ackerly (Vanderbilt University) Michael P. Vandenbergh (Vanderbilt University) Keywords Climate change, justice, equity, global private governance, global public governance, international law Abstract Private equity offsets are a partial solution to the difficult justice issues raised on the global level by climate change. Equity offsets allow individuals to follow their moral intuitions about […]

The Scope of Action for Local Climate Policy: The Case of Norway (C. Aall, K. Groven & G. Lindseth)

Author(s) Carlo Aall, Kyrre Groven and Gard Lindseth Keywords Global environmental governance, local, national, global, government, local climate policy planning, Norway, local responsibility Abstract One of the key features of the post-Rio era has been how global environmental governance is mediated between local, national and global levels of government. In this article, we draw on […]

Bringing Together Labor Standards, Environment, & Human Rights (M.J. Smith & P. Pangsapa)

Author(s) Mark J. Smith and Piya Pangsapa Keywords Environment, global society, politics, gender, corporations, environmental movements Abstract As writers, campaigners and academics, Pangsapa and Smith seek to explore how ideas can make a difference in politics, gender, global society and the environment. With a focus on the politics behind social responsibility, this book separates itself […]

COP-15 in Copenhagen: How the Merging of Movements Left Civil Society (D.R. Fisher)

Author Dana R. Fisher ( Columbia University , USA ) Keywords NGOs, Copenhagen , climate negotiations, civil society, disenfranshisement Abstract What happened to non-governmental organizations’ participation at the COP-15 round of climate negotiations in Copenhagen? Although the climate regime has been seen as relatively open to civil society, everything changed in Copenhagen and civil society […]