Scrutinizing the Impact of GMOs Through the Prism of Human Rights (R. Patowary)

Author Rashmi Patowary Keywords Earth Jurisprudence, Food, Genetically Modified Organisms, Health, Human Rights Abstract Necessity is the mother of invention. The booming population triggered the need to carve out efficient ways to feed the growing millions. Biotechnology answered this need with the creation of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). They are organisms whose genetic make up […]

Consultative Opinion on Liability of Public and Private Actors for Genetic Contamination of Non-GM Crops (Anon)

Keywords Environment, Agriculture, Contamination, Crops, Environmental protection, Genetically modified organisms Abstract Provides an abridged version of the International Court of Environmental Arbitration and Conciliation’s Consultative Opinion on Liability of Public and Private Actors for Genetic Contamination of Non-GM Crops. Considers: (1) the problem of coexistence between conventional and organic farming and genetically modified (GM) farming; (2) […]

GM food labelling rules undermined by lack of reliable tests (Report)

Keywords Consumer law, EC law, Food, Genetically modified organisms, Labelling Abstract Problems with enforcement of 1999 Regulations bringing EC Regulation into force due to lack of standard threshold for traces of GM contamination of non GM foods and lack of standard test for detecting GM material. Citation (1999) 290 ENDS Report 49-50 Report GM food labelling rules undermined […]

The regulatory challenge of animal cloning for food – the risks of risk regulation in the European Union (M. Weimer)

Author Maria Weimer Keywords Food, European Union, Science, Cloning, EU law, Ethics, Food, Genetically modified organisms, Regulation, Risk;, Scientific uncertainty, United States Abstract Examines the debate in the EU on the appropriate regulatory response to the marketing of food produced from cloned animals, a practice on the verge of commercialisation in the global food market, […]

DEFRA’s coexistence proposals for GM crops: a recipe for confrontation? (C. Rodgers)

Author Christopher Rodgers Keywords Environment, Compensation, Environmental policy, Genetically modified organisms, Private nuisance, Risk assessment Abstract Comments on coexistence measures proposed by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to allow genetically modified (GM) and conventional crops to be grown alongside each other. Reviews the EC position on such measures and evaluates the […]