Payment for ‘ecosystem services’ and the ‘green economy’: green-washing or something new? (K. Wilkinson)

Author Kate Wilkinson Keywords ecofeminism, green economy, payment for ecosystem services, ecosystems, environment, capitalism, free market, economics, REDDES, REDD+, UNFCCC, ITTO, forests, natural resources, gender, participation Abstract Using an ecofeminist critical analysis, this paper examines the extent to which two forest-related ‘payments for ecosystem services’ (PES) schemes maintain a mainstream anti-nature and exploitative conceptualization of […]

Right to food; right to feed; right to be fed. The intersection of women’s rights and the right to food (P. Van Esterik)

Author Penny Van Esterik Keywords Food and human rights, Food security, Gender, Policy, Women Abstract This paper explores conceptual and practical linkages between women and food, and argues that foodsecurity cannot be realized until women are centrally included in policy discussions about food. Women’s special relationship with food is culturally constructed and not a natural […]

Water Rights & Social Justice in the Mekong Region (K. Lazarus, et al)

Editor(s) Kate Lazarus, Nathan Badenoch, Nga Dao and Bernadette P. Resurreccion Keywords Water Governance, Water Rights, Mekong Region, Participation in Decision-making, Water Transfer Planning, Northeast Thailand, Local People’s Participation, Involuntary Resettlement in Vietnam, Son La Hydropower Project, Access and Equity, Competition for Water Resources, Gender, Commercialization, Fisheries-Aquaculture Divide, Nutrition, Regional Development Pathways, Food Rights, Livelihood […]

Social Participation in Water Governance and Management (K.A. Berry and E. Mollard)

Editor(s) Kate A. Berry and Eric Mollard Keywords Water management and governance, social participation, indigenous, stakeholder, gender, politics, sustainability Abstract Social participation in water management and governance recently became a reality in many economies and societies. Yet the dimensions in which power regulation, social equity and democracy-building are connected with participation have been only tangentially […]

Environment, transnational labor migration, and gender…(C. Radel, et al)

Author(s) Claudia Radel, Birgit Schmook and Susannah McCandless Keywords Migration – Agriculture – Landscape – Gender – Vermont – Southern Yucatán -Environment Abstract Gender shapes the migration–environment association in both origin and destination communities. Using quantitative and qualitative data, we juxtapose these gender dimensions for a labor migrant-sending location of Mexico’s southern Yucatán with those […]