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Global challenge of climate change – Hong Kong & “one country two systems” (Z. Yuhong)


Zhao Yuhong


Environment; China; Clean Development Mechanism; Climate change; Energy policy; Environmental policy; Greenhouse gas emissions; Hong Kong; International environmentallaw


Explores Hong Kong ‘s response to climate change. Examines the international climate change regime and Hong Kong ‘s unique status following the 1997 transfer of sovereignty to China , discussing the local initiatives Hong Kong has introduced to cut green house gas emissions, including the improvement of energy generation efficiency, the promotion of green transport, the enhancement of carbon sinks and the implementation of carbon audits. Describes the opportunities available to Hong Kong involving the Clean Development Mechanism, the carbon trading market and clean energy.


(2011) 5(1) Carbon & Climate Law Review 70-81


Responding to the global challenge of climate change – Hong Kong and “one country two systems”