The Roots of Influence: Nongovernmental Organizations and the Relationship Between Human Rights and the Environment (C. Tracy)

Author Christopher Tracy Keywords NGOs, non-governmental organisations, human rights, environment, dignity, future generations, indigenous right, environmental protection, Rio, legitimacy, international relations Extract “Part I of this Article will address the history and development of NGOs. Particular attention will be given to the rationale espoused by various NGOs for their participation in certain global concerns or […]

Our Rights and Obligations to Future Generations for the Environment (E. B. Weiss)

Author(s) Edith Brown Weiss Keywords environmental destruction, desecration, natural resources, future generations, duties, obligations, inter-generational justice Introduction We read every day about the desecration of our environment and the mismanagement of our natural resources. We have always had the capacity to wreck the environment on a small or even regional scale. Centuries of irrigation without […]

The Human Rights System as a Conceptual Framework for Environmental Law (R. S. Pathak)

Author(s) R.S. Pathak Keywords Environmental Rights, Natural Order, Future Generations, Common Concern of Mankind, Indigenous People, Anthropocentrism, Environmental Philosophy, Refugees, International Law, Enforcement Procedures Excerpt The fundamental significance of environmental protection in shaping the quality of life of a people was reflected, from the commencement of the second half of this century, in the enacted […]

Human Rights Violations and Climate Change: The Last Days of the Inuit People? (S. Nuffer)

Author Sarah Nuffer Keywords human rights violations, climate change, Inuit, Arctic, vulnerability, responsibility, future generations, United Nations, native groups, indigenous people Excerpt INTRODUCTION The climate is changing. There is little debate left with regard to this statement. However, the world is still grappling with what exactly this change means. The Secretary General of the United […]

Climate Change and the Regional Human Rights Systems (M. S. Chapman)

Author(s) Megan Chapman Keywords development, future generations, climate change, regional human rights systems Abstract In last year’s Climate Law Reporter, Staff Writer Anne Parsons laid out the fundamental case for using a human rights framework to shift the burden for protecting individuals from the negative impact of climate change to the state. The impetus for […]