International Legal Protection for Victims of Environmental Abuse (M.L. Schwartz)

Author(s) Michelle Leighton Schwartz Keywords Human Rights, Right to life, Rights of indigenous peoples, procedural human rights, human right to a healthy environment, environmental refugees, desertification, flooding, international finance institutions, International Court of Justice, International Labour Organisation Excerpt Environmental disasters are increasing. They often result from human activities, such as the disposal of toxic chemicals, […]

Sewers, non-feasance and human rights: the Marcic appeal (J. Lowther)

Author Jason Lowther Keywords ECHR, HRA, private nuisance, statutory authority, public interest, human rights, environmental protection. Abstract This article is an evaluation of the Court of Appeal decision in Marcic v Thames Water Utilities Ltd. that held a sewerage undertaker liable in nuisance for external flooding by foul water suffered on Marcic’s property. It was […]

Stormy weather: The challenge of climate change and displacement – review (F. Thornton)

Author Fanny Thornton (publication review) Keywords IPCC, climate change, drought, flooding, famine, vulnerability, displacement, global warming, climate refugees, involuntary migration. Abstract As early as 1990, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that millions of people would be displaced by the effects of climate change, whether through drought, flooding, famine or other causes, presenting a […]