Biosafety principles for GMOs in the context of sustainable development (M. Karlsson)

Author Mikael Karlsson (Karlstad University, Sweden) Keywords Biosafety; sustainable development; genetically modified organisms; precautionary principle; polluter pays principle; public participation; European Union Abstract If genetically modified organisms are to contribute to welfare they must be considered in the context of sustainable development. Biosafety implies considering the environmental, economic and social dimensions of sustainable development. These […]

A human rights perspective…citizen participation…EU’s…new technologies (M.L. Flear and A. Vakulenko)

Author(s) Mark L. Flear and Anastasia Vakulenko Keywords Biotechnology; EU law; Human rights; Information technology; Public participation Abstract This article considers the EU’s approach to citizen participation in the governance of new technologies from a human rights perspective. Noting that there is a dearth of insight on the interplay between citizen participation and human rights, […]

Problems with the protection of animal welfare in EU law (R. Ludwig & R. O’Gorman)

Author(s) Rasso Ludwig and Roderic O’Gorman Keywords Animal welfare; EC law Abstract Examines the EU regime for the protection of animal welfare standards, highlighting deficiencies. Discusses the provisions of the Protocol on Protection and Welfare of Animals annexed to the Treaty of Amsterdam 1997 and the EC Treaty art.30, including their interpretation by the European […]

…Right to Self-Determination and Natural Resources: … Western Sahara (H.M. Haugen)

Author Hans Morten Haugen Keywords Conference on the Law of the Seas, European Union, Fisheries Partnership Agreement, International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Morocco, oil exploration, phosphates, self-determination, United Nations, Western Sahara. Abstract Phosphate, fish and possibly oil and gas all constitute important natural resources found on the territory and in the waters […]