Should patent law help cool the planet? An inquiry from the point of view…(E. Derclaye)

Author Estelle Derclaye. Keywords Climate change; EC law; patents; environment; pollution; human rights; intellectual property; EU. Abstract This, the second part of a two-part article on the need to reform patent law with a view to preventing climate change, discusses how patent law can contribute to the protection of the environment from greenhouse gas emissions. […]

Risk management of nanomaterials: environmental and consumer protection under existing EC legislation . . . (S. Heselhaus)

Author Sebastian Heselhaus Keywords Environment; Agriculture; Consumer law; European Union; Consumer protection; EU law; Environmental protection; Hazardous substances; Nanotechnology; Pesticides; Risk assessment Abstract Contrasts the substance-based approach to risk assessment under Regulation 1907/2006 with the products-based approach of the pesticide and biocide regimes, to evaluate the EU law on nanomaterials. Citation (2010) 12(2) Environmental Law […]

WTO effectiveness in resolving transatlantic trade-environment conflict (D.J. Hornsby)

Author David J. Hornsby Keywords International trade;Dispute resolution; Environmental protection; Phytosanitary measures; World Trade Organisation Abstract Considers the informal dispute resolution mechanisms offered by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Sanitary and Phytosanitary Committee and how they might be strengthened, with reference to a dispute over EU controls on US exports of wood-packing material. Citation (2010) […]

Renewable Energy Sources: a Chance to Combat Climate Change (C. Fräss-Ehrfeld)

Author Clarisse Fräss-Ehrfeld Keywords Deloitte Services, Renewable Energy, Climate Change, International Conventions Concerning the Climate Change Issue, Effects, Impacts, International Community, Adaptation, Mitigation, European Energy Policy, EU, EU Energy Security and Solidarity Action Plan, Communication of the Commission in View of Copenhagen 2009, Existing Energy Sources, Costs, Renewable Energy Sources (RES), Targets, Progress to Date, […]

Multilevel Governance of Global Environmental Change (G. Winter)

Editor Gerd Winter (Universität Bremen) Keywords Earth System Analysis, global climate change, global environmental change, global environmental governance, green civil society, self-regulation, industry, law, private authority, global governance, transnational corporations, international environmental law, transboundary corporate responsibility, USA, transnational bureaucracy networks, EU, post-Communist states, multilateral environmental agreements, compliance continuum, regulatory competition, developing countries, policy instrument innovation, […]