The Intersection of Human Rights and Environmental Protection in the European Court of Human Rights (M. Acevedo)

Author Mariana Acevedo Keywords Human rights, environmental protection, EU, European Court of Human Rights, responsibility Abstract In recent years, the evolution of a consensus regarding the need to address environmental protection issues has generated significant debate in the international community regarding who should bear responsibility for environmental harm. 1 One forum for this debate is the […]

Road to 2015: The European Union and the Realisation of the Human Right to Water (V. Deloge)

Author Vivien Deloge Keywords Human right, drinking water, sanitation, UN, EU, rights-based approach, EU institutional endorsement Abstract Following the recognition of the human right to drinking water and sanitation by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly and Human Rights Council in 2010, one can wonder to what extent the normative content of the right to […]

The Law and Policy of Ecosystem Services (J.B. Ruhl, et al)

Author(s) J.B. Ruhl, Steven Kraft, Christopher Lant Keywords Ecosystems Services , Ecology, Geography, Economics, Law and Policy, Property Rights, Regulation, Social Norms, Water, : Blue, Conservation Reserve Program 1985-2006, Erosion, Riparian Buffers, Common Agricultural Policy,European Union, Agricultural Watershed, Wetland Mitigation Banking, Ecosystem Market, Pollution Trading, Carbon Trading, Global Warming, New Law and Policy,. Trade-Offs and […]

Why green growth is impossible (N. Schoon)

Author Nick Schoon Keywords Economic development; Environmental impact; Sustainable development Abstract Considers a report by the Sustainable Development Commission, entitled Prosperity Without Growth? The Transition to a Sustainable Economy, arguing that the separation of economic growth from the over-exploitation of natural resources and environmental degradation is failing, and stating that economic growth in developed countries […]

Evaluating and regulating the impacts of lobbying in the EU?…green industries (G.T. Svendsen)

Author Gert Tinggaard Svendsen Keywords Environment; European Union; Lobbying; Organic farming; Regulation; Wind turbines Abstract Examines the problem of hidden lobbying in the EU. Presents case studies involving wind turbine manufacturers and organic farmers, and suggests that small groups have the advantage over larger groups in the area of lobbying. Advocates the regulation of lobbying, […]