The Contribution of Human Rights as an Additional Perspective on Climate Change Impacts in the Pacific (S. Tully)

Author(s) Stephen Tully Keywords Climate Change, Human Rights, Climate Impacts, United Nations, Pacific Islands, Resettlement, International Humanitarian Law, International Environmental Law, Environmental Refugees Abstract The adverse impacts of climate change include temperature variations, lost biodiversity and more frequent extreme weather events. In particular, low-lying Pacific Island countries and territories will be inundated if predicted sea […]

International Legal Protection for Victims of Environmental Abuse (M.L. Schwartz)

Author(s) Michelle Leighton Schwartz Keywords Human Rights, Right to life, Rights of indigenous peoples, procedural human rights, human right to a healthy environment, environmental refugees, desertification, flooding, international finance institutions, International Court of Justice, International Labour Organisation Excerpt Environmental disasters are increasing. They often result from human activities, such as the disposal of toxic chemicals, […]

The Protection of Environmentally-Displaced Persons in International Law (A. Lopez)

Author Aurelie Lopez Keywords Environmental change, human migrations, environmental disasters, environmental refugees, environmentally-displaced persons, international protection, proposed international regime Abstract This Article focuses on the extent to which international law and practice provide the environmentally displaced with physical protection from serious human rights violations. Accordingly, it endeavours to better understand the phenomenon of environmentally-induced migration […]

Stemming the Flow of Environmental Displacement: Creating a Convention…(D. Z. Falstrom)

Author Dana Zartner Falstrom Keywords Displaced individuals, environmental reasons, environmental refugees, root causes, affirmative State obligations, protection Abstract While the number of people who have been displaced for environmental reasons is on the rise, it is a mistake to believe that the existing refugee structure and current refugee norms are adequate to protect these individuals. […]

Refugees of the 21st Century: Environmental Injustice (J. Hong)

Author Jeanhee Hong Keywords Environmental refugees, environmental-induced migration, environmental disasters, refugee law Abstract This Note focuses on two types of environmentally -induced migrations: (1) those caused by immediate man-made environmental catastrophes, such as industrial or technological accidents, and (2) those caused by long-term human activity, such as exploitation or inefficient management of resources. Part I […]