Pursuing Environmental Justice with International Human Rights and State Constitutions (Neil A. F. Popovic)

Author Neil A.F. Popovic Keywords environmental justice, environmental rights, international human rights, state constitution, environmental racism, environmental degradation, poverty, social rights, environmental hazards, inequality, civil rights Extract I. Introduction Notwithstanding the constitutional guarantee of equal protection of the law, environmental racism thrives in the United States. Its manifestations include toxic waste dumps on indigenous lands, […]

The Quest for Environmental Justice: Human Rights and the Politics of Pollution (Robert D Bullard)

Author Robert D Bullard Keywords Environmental injustice, environmental justice, human rights, abuses, grassroots, globalisation, environmental racism Abstract In 1994, Sierra Club Books was proud to publish Dr. Robert D. Bullard’s “Unequal Protection: Environmental Justice and Communities of Color”, a collection of essays contributed by some of the leading participants in the First National People of […]

Melding Civil Rights and Environmentalism: Finding Environmental Justice’s Place… (T. Yang)

Author Tseming Yang Keywords Environmental law, environmental justice, civil rights law, environmental paradigm, environmental racism Abstract As one of the defining issues in environmental regulation over the past decade, the environmental justice movement has sought to bring civil rights and broader social justice issues to the forefront of environmental protection. The movement’s challenge to traditional […]

Teaching and learning guide for: environmental justice (J. Sze, J. London)

Author Julie Sze and Jonathan London Keywords Environmental justice; environmental racism; urban; planning; public health; law; ethnic studies; public policy; social movements; environmental and social inequalities. Abstract Over the last 25 years, the environmental justice movement has emerged from its earliest focus on US social movements combating environmental racism to an influential global phenomenon. Environmental […]