Environmental Protection through the Jurisprudence of the European Convention on Human Rights (Loucaides)

Author(s) Loukis Loucaides Keywords European Convention on Human Rights, environmental issues, environmental protection, individual rights and liberties, jurisprudence Abstract The European Convention on Human Rights (‘the Convention’) does not expressly protect the environment nor does it address environmental issues in any way—it does not provide for any relevant rights in respect of the environment as […]

Human Rights and the Environment (G. Alfredsson and A. Ovsiouk)

Authors Gudmunder Alfredsson and Alexander Ovsiouk Keywords human rights, environmental protection, rules and regulations, environmental issues Abstract Environmental issues are being discussed and acted upon in a number of international, multilateral, regional, sub-regional and bilateral settings. Sensible rules and regulations aimed at maintaining or improving the environmental situation are multiplying and mechanisms allowing for prevention, reaction and […]

The Human Right to a Viable Environment (S.T. Ramnewash-Oemrawsingh)

Author Sangini T. Ramnewash-Oemrawsingh Keywords ECHR, environmental issues, Strasbourg system for protection of human rights, case law, human rights systems, UN, international law Abstract Human rights tribunals are regularly confronted with complaints regarding human rights violations caused by environmental degradation. This book deals with the effectiveness of incorporating environmental dimensions into existing human rights and […]

Small-scale Mining, Rural Subsistence, and Poverty in West Africa (G.M. Hilson)

Editor Gavin M. Hilson ( University of Manchester ) Keywords Artisanal, small-scale mining, West Africa, poverty, economic development, sustainable development, environmental issues, small-scale gold-mining industry, fostering cooperation, human rights law, Malli, Burkina Faso, northern Benin, sociocultural perspective, diamonds, war, Sierra Leone, political economy, diamond mining, Kono District, public health, Akwatia, Ghana, socioeconomic, environment, policy implications, […]