Is Access to Environmental Information a Fundamental Human Right? (S. Kravchenko)

Author(s) Svitlana Kravchenko Keywords environmental information, human rights, right of access to information, democracy, disclosure, decision-making Abstract Can access to information held by the State be seen as a fundamental right of the individual and a crucial component of democracy? What about access to environmental information? This Article attempts to answer these questions by exploring […]

Eco-justice: linking human rights and the environment (A. Sachs and JA Peterson)

Author/s A Sachs and JA Peterson Keywords Grassroots movement, environment, human rights, environmental information, confrontations, dumping, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, environmental justice Abstract This Worldwatch report affirms that the grassroots movement to improve the environment and human rights should be operable at the regional and international levels. Grassroots groups have demonstrated the success of empowering people […]

Access to environmental information in Ireland: implementation challenges (A. Ryall)

Author Aine Ryall Keywords Access to information, EU law, Environmental information, Implementation, Ireland, Legal professional privilege, Public authorities Abstract Examines the implementation of Directive 2003/4 in Ireland under the European Communities (Access to Information on the Environment) Regulations 2007 as a case study of the challenges it poses. Considers the scope of the discretion it affords to […]

Access to environmental information (V. Edwards)

Author Vanessa Edwards Keywords Environment, Administrative law, Agriculture, European Union,  Access to information, EU law, Environmental information, Plant protection products, Trade secrets Abstract Reports on the European Court of Justice ruling in Stichting Natuur en Milieu v College voor de Toelating van Gewasbeschermingsmiddelen en Biociden (formerly College voor de Toelating van Bestrijdingsmiddelen) (C-266/09) on whether Directive 2003/4 […]

International Ideal and Local Practice – Access to Environmental Information and Local Government in Poland (P. A. Banas)

Author Pawel A. Banas Keywords Access to information, Electronic government, Environmental information, Poland Abstract Examines how effectively the principle of providing access to environmental information is realised in practice in Poland . Outlines the international, EU and national law sources of the principle, and its incorporation in Polish policy documents, including the state’s e-government policy. […]