Contextualizing Environmental Human Rights: A Relativist Perspective (R. Mushkat)

Author(s) Roda Mushkat Keywords environmental protection, environmental deterioration, environmental damage, environmental human rights, relativist, relativism Abstract INTRODUCTION The global environment continues to deteriorate, a phenomenon which manifests itself in virtually every sphere featuring interaction between man and nature. The full scale of this deterioration may not be fully apparent because of the long time lag […]

Exercising Environmental Human Rights and Remedies in the United Nations System (L. A. Malone)

Author(s) Linda A. Malone Keywords environmental degradation, human rights violation, international human rights, United Nations, environmental human rights, jurisdiction, international law Abstract Whenever environmental degradation results in a human harm that violates accepted human rights norms, an international, regional or domestic human rights committee, commission, and/or court may provide a remedy that can contribute effectively […]

Environmental Justice and International Environmental Law (Gonzalez)

Author Carmen G Gonzalez Keywords Environmental justice, sustainable development, equity, ethics, colonialism, post-colonialism, special and differential treatment, common but differentiated responsibility, ecological debt, climate change, human rights, environmental human rights, Aarhus Convention, transnational corporations Abstract Environmental justice lies at the heart of many environmental disputes between the global North and the global South as well […]

The European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the Human Rights to a Clean Environment: The English Perspective (M. Fitzmaurice)

Author(s) Malgosia Fitzmaurice Keywords environmental human rights, England, European Convention on Human Rights, rights to a clean environmental, fundamental freedoms Abstract Contents: I. Introduction to the Chapter II. Introduction to the Issues Concerning the Human Right to a Clean Environment III. The 1950 European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the Jurisprudence of […]

Enforcing Environmental Human Rights: Selected Strategies of US NGOs (J. Cassel)

Author(s) Jennifer Cassel Keywords environmental harm, human rights violations, international human rights law, NGO’s, US, United States, environmental human rights Abstract In spite of the clear link between environmental harm and human rights violations, international human rights law which contemplates environmental destruction as a violation of human rights has only recently begun to emerge, and […]