Locus standi in environmental torts and the potential influence of human rights… (M. Wilde)

Author Mark Wilde Keywords Environmental tort; standing (locus standi); environmental justice; private nuisance; convergence of human rights and tort; human rights and environmental justice; European Court of Human Rights jurisprudence; statute and standing. Abstract (introduction) The debate regarding the role of civil liability as a means of environmental protection has been running for many years […]

Silence of the lambs: the foot-and-mouth crisis: litigation and environmental implications (S. Tromans)

Author Stephan Tromans Keywords Foot-and-mouth crisis; environmental harm; Animal Health Act 1981; waste; contaminated land; water pollution; legislation; human rights; EC law. Abstract This article examines the consequences of environmental law and human rights law in the FMD crisis in 2001-2002. It highlights the types of pollution that were caused by the ‘clean-up’ and subsequent […]