Constitutional Codification of an Environmental Ethic (J. C. Tucker)

Author John C. Tucker Keywords constitutional provisions, environmental ethics, Florida, environmental rights, environmental protection, conservation Abstract This Article examines the legal, political, and societal significance of environmental constitutional provisions. Part II of this Article briefly traces the evolution of a societal environmental ethic. Part IIl examines environmental provisions in state and national constitutions, and draws […]

The Rights of the Nonhuman World (M. A. Warren)

Author(s) Mary Anne Warren Keywords Environmental ethics, Environmental protection, Human ecology, Nonhuman world, rights Abstract None available. Citation R. Elliot and A. Gare, eds. 1983. Environmental Philosophy: A Collection of Readings. pp. 109-134 Book Environmental Philosophy: A Collection of Readings

The Rights of Nature: A History of Environmental Ethics (R. F. Nash)

Author Rodrick Frazier Nash Keywords environmental rights, policy, environmental ethics, history Abstract Charting the history of contemporary philosophical and religious beliefs regarding nature, Roderick Nash focuses primarily on changing attitudes toward nature in the United States. His work is the first comprehensive history of the concept that nature has rights and that American liberalism has, […]

Environmental Ethics and Sustainable Development: Ethical & Human Rights Issues… (M. Jeffery)

Author Michael Jeffery (Macquarie University) Keywords Environmental ethics, Earth Charter, sustainable development, Indigenous rights Abstract This paper explores the moral and ethic obligations to act with care, foresight, forbearance and constraint when dealing with environmental issues. It looks at the development of the concept of environmental ethics and discusses this in the context of the […]

Human Rights and the Environment: Conflicts and Norms in a Globalizing World (L. Zarsky)

Editor Lyuba Zarsky Keywords Human Rights, Environmental Ethics, Rights of Indigenous Peoples, International Law, Global Reach, Corporate Accountability, Conflict, Mineral, Oil, Gas, Development, Mining, Suriname, Multinationals, Ghana, Sakhalin Island, Russian Far East, Trade Liberalization, Batam Island, Indonesia, Global Norms, Local compliance, Laos, The Darien Region, China, Foreign Waste Dumping, Land Rights, Bushbuckridge, South Africa, Ecological […]