The Protection of Environmentally-Displaced Persons in International Law (A. Lopez)

Author Aurelie Lopez Keywords Environmental change, human migrations, environmental disasters, environmental refugees, environmentally-displaced persons, international protection, proposed international regime Abstract This Article focuses on the extent to which international law and practice provide the environmentally displaced with physical protection from serious human rights violations. Accordingly, it endeavours to better understand the phenomenon of environmentally-induced migration […]

Refugees of the 21st Century: Environmental Injustice (J. Hong)

Author Jeanhee Hong Keywords Environmental refugees, environmental-induced migration, environmental disasters, refugee law Abstract This Note focuses on two types of environmentally -induced migrations: (1) those caused by immediate man-made environmental catastrophes, such as industrial or technological accidents, and (2) those caused by long-term human activity, such as exploitation or inefficient management of resources. Part I […]

…Recognition of Environmentally Displaced Persons under International HR Law (B. Havard)

Author Brooke Havard Keywords Displaced persons, environmental disasters, climate change, domestic and international protection Abstract This Comment examines the mounting crisis of environmentally displaced persons, analyzes the limits of protection presently available to them and considers a potential solution to the crisis. Part II examines several of the major causes of environmental displacement: natural disasters, […]

Our Simmering Planet: What to do about Global Warming? (J. Gupta)

Author Joyeeta Gupta Keywords Climate change, environmental disasters, weather, global warming, precautionary principle Abstract Heat waves in Delhi and Athens. Hurricane Mitch in Central America and tornadoes in the USA. Floods in Britain and China. All unprecedented in severity. Unprecedented in frequency. What is happening to the world‘s weather? What are the world‘s governments doing […]

Arctic Doom, Arctic Boom The Geopolitics of Climate Change in the Arctic (B.S. Zellen)

Author Barry Scott Zellen Keywords Arctic, North Pole, commercial interests, commercial development, enterprise, environment, environmental disasters, uncertainty, Arctic biota, indigenous peoples Abstract The ongoing, accelerating Arctic thaw is recalibrating the ecosphere around the North Pole at an ever-increasing rate. With the Northwest and Northeast Passages simultaneously opening up in 2008 for the first time in […]