Adverse Effects of the Illicit Movement and Dumping of Hazardous, Toxic, and Dangerous Wastes and Products on the Enjoyment of Human Rights (C. U. Gwam)

Author(s) Cyril Uchenna Gwam Keywords toxic waste, developing countries, development, human rights, UN Commission on Human Rights, environmental destruction, environmental protection Excerpt “Introduction This Article discusses the adverse effects of the illicit movement and dumping of hazardous, toxic, and dangerous wastes and products in developing countries, and the effect of such activities on the enjoyment […]

Our Rights and Obligations to Future Generations for the Environment (E. B. Weiss)

Author(s) Edith Brown Weiss Keywords environmental destruction, desecration, natural resources, future generations, duties, obligations, inter-generational justice Introduction We read every day about the desecration of our environment and the mismanagement of our natural resources. We have always had the capacity to wreck the environment on a small or even regional scale. Centuries of irrigation without […]

Humanitarian Law, Protection of the Environment, and Human Rights (N.A.F. Popovic)

Author(s) Neil A. F. Popovic Keywords Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law, Environmental Destruction, Armed Conflict Excerpt Notwithstanding the relevance of international human rights to wartime environmental destruction, the international community tends to deal with war-related environmental harm through the modalities of humanitarian law. Although humanitarian law extensively regulates the conduct of war, that framework has […]