Humanitarian Law and the Environment (M. N. Schmitt)

Author(s) Michael N. Schmitt Keywords war crime, environmental damage, environmental degradation, international humanitarian law, environmental consequences of warfare, International Criminal Court, military operations, environmental safeguarding, weapons, treaty law Excerpt “Introduction When the Rome Conference adopted the Statue of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in July 1998, it included as a war crime the causation of […]

The Paradox of the Future in Contemporary Energy Policy: A Human Rights Analysis (D. M. Smolin)

Author David. M. Smolin Keywords human rights, energy policy, environmental damage, ecological damage, energy demand, energy technologies Excerpt As the world heads toward a projected 9 billion people by 2050, 2 there are fundamental questions about how to provide an adequate and sustainable standard of living for the world’s population. As a matter of human […]

Contextualizing Environmental Human Rights: A Relativist Perspective (R. Mushkat)

Author(s) Roda Mushkat Keywords environmental protection, environmental deterioration, environmental damage, environmental human rights, relativist, relativism Abstract INTRODUCTION The global environment continues to deteriorate, a phenomenon which manifests itself in virtually every sphere featuring interaction between man and nature. The full scale of this deterioration may not be fully apparent because of the long time lag […]

Natural Enemy, Natural Ally: Toward and Environmental History of War (R.P. Tucker)

Author Richard P. Tucker Keywords War, environment, nature, environmental damage, military strategies, timber, disease, American Civil War Abstract How has war changed and damaged the environment? How has nature influenced war? As the first collection of essays on war and environmental history, Natural Enemy, Natural Ally heralds the advent of a major new field of […]

Prosecuting Members of the US Military for Wartime Environmental Crimes (E.T. Jensen & J. Teixeira)

Author(s) Eric Talbot Jensen James J. Teixeira, Jr. Keywords International law, law of armed conflict, law of war, military, environment Abstract War is inherently damaging to the environment. Though these deleterious actions are often attributed to “states” during times of armed conflict, they are normally the result of military operations conducted by members of the […]