The Protection of Environmentally-Displaced Persons in International Law (A. Lopez)

Author Aurelie Lopez Keywords Environmental change, human migrations, environmental disasters, environmental refugees, environmentally-displaced persons, international protection, proposed international regime Abstract This Article focuses on the extent to which international law and practice provide the environmentally displaced with physical protection from serious human rights violations. Accordingly, it endeavours to better understand the phenomenon of environmentally-induced migration […]

Security and Environmental Change (S. Dalby)

Author Simon Dalby Keywords Environmental change, political priority, security Abstract In the early years of the new millennium, hurricanes lashed the Caribbean and flooded New Orleans as heat waves and floods seemed to alternate in Europe. Snows were disappearing on Mount Kilimanjaro while the ice caps on both poles retreated. The resulting disruption caused to […]

Global Environmental Change and Human Security (R.A. Matthew, et al)

Editors(s) Richard A. Matthew, Jon Barnett, Bryan McDonald, Karen L. O’Brien Keywords National security, human security, environmental change Abstract In recent years, scholars in international relations and other fields have begun to conceive of security more broadly, moving away from a state-centered concept of national security toward the idea of human security, which emphasises individual […]