Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples: The Search for Legal Remedies (eds. R. S. Abate and E. A. Kronk)

Editors Randall S. Abate and Elizabeth Ann Kronk Keywords environment, climate change, environmental law, law – academic, environmental law, human rights, law and development, politics and public policy, human rights, Asia, Kenya, Arctic, South America, Pacific Island Nations, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, indigenous rights, sovereignty, climate justice, adaptation, equality, water rights, Aboriginal communities Abstract Indigenous […]

Environmental Technologies, Intellectual Property and Climate Change (ed. Abbe E. L. Brown)

Editor Abbe E.L. Brown Keywords development studies, law and development, environment, climate change, innovation and technology, technology and ict, academic law, environmental law, human rights, intellectual property law, law and development, politics and public policy, human rights Abstract Many disciplines are relevant to combating climate change. This challenging book draws together legal, regulatory, geographic, industrial […]

Indigenous Peoples and the Environment: Convergence from a Nordic Perspective (L. Watters)

Author Lawrence Watters Keywords indigenous rights, environment, legal systems, globalisation, internationalization, Sami, sovereignty Abstract Part I of the article introduces the larger picture and the process of transition in which indigenous peoples like the Sami are found. The discussion focuses on both the convergence of legal systems generally which influence the protection of indigenous peoples […]

The Roots of Influence: Nongovernmental Organizations and the Relationship Between Human Rights and the Environment (C. Tracy)

Author Christopher Tracy Keywords NGOs, non-governmental organisations, human rights, environment, dignity, future generations, indigenous right, environmental protection, Rio, legitimacy, international relations Extract “Part I of this Article will address the history and development of NGOs. Particular attention will be given to the rationale espoused by various NGOs for their participation in certain global concerns or […]

Maori Cultural Rights in Aotearoa New Zealand: Protecting the Cosmology that Protects the Environment (C. J. I. Magallanes)

Author(s) Catherine J. Iorns Magallanes Keywords environment, indigenous, Maori, Waitangi, personality, Waikato, Whanganui, Te Urewera, reparations, human rights Abstract This paper first addresses indigenous beliefs about humans’ relationship with nature and thus their place in the world, and how the indigenous cosmology contrasts with the dominant and prevailing Western and liberal ideas. The paper next […]